Gifts That You Will Love to Give Your Loved Ones

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“Joy is not in things; it is in us.” 
—Richard Wagner (1813-1883)

Christmas is about so much more than the minutes of unwrapping gifts under the tree, but it’s still nice to give things to those we love to show how well we know them and to give ourselves the gift of giving!  Whether it is a gift bought from a store or a gift made from the heart it feels good to give!

I have been very overwhelmed with the focus on consumerism during the holiday season, but I’ve started early, shopped online, and in small businesses that my friends own that I love to support.  Here are some gifts that I have loved giving and that I hope you will love giving you YOUR loved ones this year.  Happy Holidays to you.  Love, Clare


Momshell tee by Omaze.  Omaze is an online fundraising platform that offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive merchandise in support of critical causes.  Purchase here: Omaze

Women’s March tee from Zazzle. If the Women’s March is near and dear to her get her a shirt with the logo to help her express herself.            Purchase here: New Arrivals

The Supremes tee from Redbubble RedBubble has some really unique items that you can gift to anyone.  

Purchase here: Find awesome t-shirts, ipad and iphones cases, cards, posters and more at

Old Soul Tee from A Beautiful Mess. These lovely ladies (sisters) at A Beautiful Mess are as stylish as they are sweet (very!).

Purchase here:  A Beautiful Mess

Zombie mini skirt Redbubble.  I didn’t know I needed this until I saw it.  Adding to list! 

Purchase here: Pop Culture Tees! Designs for gamers, film buffs, TV addicts and pop culture vultures on Redbubble.

Modern Ring Holder from Amazon.  Are your proposing to your love this Christmas?  You could wrap this up and then follow it up with the ring!  Purchase by clicking on the image below.

Women’s March Puzzle from Amazon. This will be a great excuse for some flow and family time.  Purchase by clicking the image below.

UGG Slippers from Amazon.  Do you want to wrap her feet in a hug?  Give her the gift of walking on teddy-bear, baby soft slippies.  Purchase by clicking the image below.


Portable Folding Sports Chair from Amazon.  Never do a “Chris Farley” into the ground on a cheap portable seat again!  This sturdy seat will even give you pockets to place your glasses, beverage, and reading materials.  Perfection.  Purchase by clicking on the image below.

Organ Donor Lunchbox from Perpetual Kid.  For the guy who is funny as heck. Purchase here: Fun + Unique Gifts

NFL visor from Amazon.  Help keep your sports fan who loves showing their team pride head protected from the sun at sporting events.  Purchase by clicking on the image below.

Ticket Stub Diary from Amazon. Here is a great way to organize those ticket stubs from the special events that make up your life.  Purchase by clicking the image below.

Letters to my dad from Amazon.  For those of you that want to show  your father some love, but would like some help in organizing your words this book makes it incredibly easy and after putting some time in you will have an amazing gift for your amazing dad!  Purchase by clicking on the image below.

Noise cancelling headphones from Amazon.  Because who said that guys are hard to shop for?!  Whether he needs to focus on work or focus on relaxing and self care in a hammock these are great for both.  Purchase by clicking on the image below.

Real Men Watch Hallmark Movies Zazzle. Because he won’t buy it for himself.  Hee hee ha ha haa hooooo!  Purchase HERE

Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda from Zazzle.  And isn’t it ironic?  Don’tcha think?!  Purchase: HERE

Glasses case Warby Parker.  This will keep his readers n shades protected as he globetrots.   $40 Purchase HERE

DIE HARD Graphic Novel from Amazon.  ‘Twas the week before Christmas in Nakatomi Plaza.  This is a great addition to a bachelor pad IMHO (in my humble opinion).  Purchase by clicking on the image below.

John McClane collectible figure from Amazon.  Some people like to decorate for the holidays with Christmas trees and lights, but don’t forget to include some decor from the greatest Christmas movie of all time…Welcome to the party!!   Purchase by clicking the image below.


Photo Printer from Amazon.  What an amazing parting gift to visitors to your teen’s room or party and what a reasonable price!  Purchase by clicking on the image below. 

Fuji Film Insta Camera from Amazon.  When you were in high school didn’t you love taking photos of and with your besties?  Yep, that is one constant. Purchase by clicking the image below.

Movie projector from Amazon.  For $70 bucks your kid can turn their phone screen into a big screen movie viewing. Pretty “fetch” as the young kids say!  (Hahahaha, I am so funny!) Purchase by clicking the image below.

CookBook for Movie Lovers from Amazon.  Whether your kiddo is into Breakfast at Tiffany’s or The Godfather this book will help their film viewing become a bit more special.  Purchase by clicking the image below. 

Fuji Film floral print from Amazon.  When I was younger I was way into scrapbooking.  Now you don’t have to glue your photos onto scrapbook paper, you can include it in the polaroid.  Woo!  Purchase by clicking the image below.

App Controlled Batmobile building kit from Amazon.  If you have a preteen/teen this is probably on their wish list.  Purchase by clicking the image below.


ECHO Alexa from Amazon.  For those of you “Eureka” fans who have always wanted their own Sarah (smart house technology).  Purchase by clicking the image below.

What Do You Meme Game from Amazon.  Do you like fun?  Purchase by clicking the image below.


CIRCLE WITH DISNEY from Amazon.  Here’s a way to monitor/limit internet and phone usage. It also can specifically target Fortnite.  Purchase by clicking the image below.


Rainbow scratch art…these things are RAD!  Purchase here: Fun + Unique Gifts

Civil Engineering Car Tape from Perpetual  Kid.  Fun for parents and kids alike.  Purchase here: Fun + Unique Gifts

Sticky reusable keyboard cleaner from Perpetual Kid because cleanliest keyboards are the happiest. Purchase here: Fun + Unique Gifts

Michael Scott in a doo rag from RedBubble on your guitar case, car window, or bulletin board at work if you have a cool workplace.  Purchase here: Buy 6 stickers, Get 50% off

Lil’ Sebastianstickers!! from Buy 6 stickers, Get 50% off


Green Kids Crafts Subscription Boxes are so much fun.  My babe would run from the post office box to our front door screaming when it arrived.  Purchase here: Treat your young scientists, artists, engineers, and designers with a monthly Green Kid Crafts subscription.

Headbands Slides, Sunnies, romper Jannie and Jack because you’re a mom now and sometimes your kids dress cuter than you.  Yes, some of their dresses are almost $200, but they have good sales and I found a romper online from $75 marked down to $12.  So have fun and try not to spend too much.  Purchase resort wear, little blue suede driving shoes for toddler boys and babiators (baby aviators here:  Shop Janie and Jack today!

Star Wars Yoda electronic Mask from Amazon.  I can’t wait to get this for myself my kid!  Purchase by clicking the image below. 

Little Tikes Princess Horse and Carriage from Amazon.  Treat your little princess or prince to a horse drawn carriage.  FUNZ!  Click image to purchase.

Unicorn fingerling from Amazon.  The parent’s “Uh, I don’t get it” and the kid’s must-have toy of the season.  Click the image to purchase.

Wooden Custom Puzzle from Amazon.  Your babe will learn how to spell heir name and you will have an especially cute toy in our home.  Win-win.  Purchase by clicking the image below. 

Fire Kid Tablet from Amazon.  Your babe dropped the tablet on the floor?  No problem!  This Kid tablet is shatter-proof.  Purchase by clicking on the image below.

“Capture” Santa in Your House With Capture The Magic App.  The app also includes images of the tooth fairy to edit into your images to delight your child.   Purchase Here


Baby books from Minted Purchase HERE

Owlet sock from Amazon.  These little socks can detect when your little one is having trouble breathing and alert you.  It has a payment plan option and also may be covered by some FSA health accounts.  What a world we live in today where we have such tools to raise our kids!  Purchase by clicking on the image below.


Mine to Love baby doll from Amazon.  You will love seeing your baby bay this baby!  Me: “Oh my Gosh my baby is caring for a baby!  I’m gonna be a grandma!  Oh my goodness, get a HOLD of yourself woman!”  Click on the image to purchase.


Cardboard Building Blocks from Amazon.  I have heard that these are good for kids on the autism spectrum to work on their gross motor skills and get them to play/work with others.  Click the image to purchase.

Water activity pad from Amazon.  These books give kids a fun way to learn words and work on their fine motor skills. Click on the image to purchase.


Light up Christmas Lights Headband from Perpetual Kid.  Could you be any dorkier?  I love it!   Purchase here: Fun + Unique Gifts

How are you going to spoil your loved ones this year?  Did any of my picks peak your interest?  Are any of these going on your wish list?  Please comment tell me and I hope you have a very, very happy and peaceful holiday season.  Big hugs! 

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  1. KJ

    These are great suggestions! I sometimes struggle with what to get for others and this will help. Especially since I haven’t started shopping yet. Yikes!

  2. Great ideas! I especially like the fact that there are ideas for everyone on my list. Found some fun things I didn’t even know existed. Thanks for putting this list together.

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