Top 12 Reasons Heidi Harmon Has My Endorsement

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Really, I don’t remember being pumped about political candidates before Obama.  Of course, I went to the polls and voted for Gore, Kerry, etc., but wasn’t very passionate about doing so. Ms. Heidi is my local Obama.  I’m so, so proud to call her my mayor!  Heidi for president, but first, mayor of our beautiful town! 

  1. Heidi supports the LGBTQ community is on the Common Ground Advisory Group. Its primary objective is to provide the superintendent with ideas, suggestions, and action steps to achieve the goal of bringing to life the fundamental principle that all students deserve to feel safe and respected for who they are – regardless of religion, culture, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.
  2. My hero Heidi supports sensible gun control and wants to protect kids over guns.
  3. She supports Planned Parenthood and fights to protect women’s rights.
  4. Mayor Harmon is working hard to help fix the problem of homelessness, visiting encampments, homeless shelters, and opening the new homeless shelter on Prado.
  5. Mighty Heidi is opposed to xenophobia and the immigration ban, the border wall, and has declared San Luis Obispo a Welcoming City. This means San Luis Obispo won’t use city resources or directly enforce federal immigration laws, and the city urges residents and employees to report acts of bullying, discrimination, and violence against suspected immigrants.
  6. Proudly, Heidi celebrates diversity beautifully in S.L.O. She is celebrating Indigenous People’s Day in lieu of Columbus Day to honor the Chumash people.
  7. She’s warm, open, community organizer. She has organized regular neighborhood walks, hikes, and bike rides to discuss residents’ concerns and ideas.  She even opened up her home to a beautiful community potluck.  She organized “Meet Your Muslim Neighbor” after the rise of hate crimes in America last year.
  8. She loves children and makes family time in town fun with diversity story time at library and music time at Boo Boo Records – she’s been leading that group and shaking the sillies out for 20 years! Every week she is visiting one of the schools in town, from preschools to Poly inspiring activism in all ages.
  9. A creative artist with lovely and iconic fashion taste, she uses her talents for good. Her signature style is being used to bring in money for local non-profits.

Her lipstick is also benefitting RISE, a nonprofit organization that serves both victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault/abuse and their loved ones, RISE provides comprehensive programs, services, and resources to the community.

The Mighty Rose necklace is being sold in honor of the strength of “Mighty Heidi” Harmon. 20% of all sales go to supporting the incredible work of RISE 501(c)3 in SLO.

  1. Synonymous with clean energy, she loves Our Mother (Earth) and is committing to becoming a Net-Zero city, has implemented a plastic straws upon request ordinance (which I love!), rides her bike, will add a more bike boulevards, is pushing for clean energy, developed one of the best water portfolios in the state, and is fighting global warming by welcoming 350 speakers to ensure we leave a safe world for our children to live in.
  2. Black Lives Matter Ally she was happy to support the NAACP as they re-established the Central Coast Chapter.
  3. This mayor knows that affordable housing needs to happen for low-income residents. She is encouraging Cal Poly to build more housing units for poly students and exploring small home living in town.
Heidi for President, but first mayor of SLO!
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